Sammy Yu

Hong Kong businessman Sammy Yu says the door remains open on a possible takeover of Sunderland Football Club, but with his calls to owner Stewart Donald going unanswered, it’s starting to look unlikely that something could happen.

Yu and his business partners are interested in buying the club but from what he understands, Donald is currently discussing potential deals with other suitors. The former Birmingham City vice-chairman has twice previously tried to purchase the Black Cats and it would appear that he may finally have to abandon the idea.

Yu told The Chronicle: “It is a long story. I really like the club, and my friend here in Hong Kong who is backing me likes the club as well.

“We initially almost bought the club before Stewart Donald. We were almost about to go into due diligence with the club once Ellis Short agreed. However, suddenly, he sold the club to Stewart Donald and so, unfortunately, we had to give up.

“After about ten months I was told that Stewart then wanted to sell the club.

“We approached him, but he said he already had a deal in place with other people, and then came the reports of the people in America associated with Michael Dell.

“So at that moment our intention to go for the club ended, until a couple of weeks ago when, again, I’m told this time Stewart Donald is now desperate to sell the club.

“I sent him another message asking if we could start negotiations again but, unfortunately, as of today we haven’t had any correspondence, and have therefore been unable to look at the club closer – such as the accounts and the infrastructure etc.”

He added: “Whenever you do business, you cannot do it one-sided.

“I have been in football a long time, and my partner is also very knowledgable. We are very keen to do something in football. We love football.

“But as of right now, with nothing coming back from Stewart Donald, it’s unlikely that we will move any further forward in our interests.

“From what I have been told, Stewart Donald has three other offers. So, all the best to him. I hope he can sell the club to whoever he sees fit, and then that person can help take a great football club back to where it should be, because to see it where it is now is very sad.”

Asked if he would discuss a potential purchase if Donald responded and Yu replied: “We all love football, and we have all been involved in football for a very long time.

“If he does want to talk, I won’t shut my door.”

It is claimed that Donald is looking for around £35million to £40million to sell Sunderland. A takeover from an American-based investor or group has been tipped.

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