Buy shares in Lazio

Lazio Shares

Instead of wasting your money at the weekend on booze or a cheeky take-away, why not put that towards buying some shares in Serie A outfit Lazio?

Scroll to the bottom of the page to do just that!

Società Sportiva Lazio, more commonly known as Lazio, are the second biggest club in the eternal city of Rome. This exposure has made the once small-time amateur side into one a well known club by football fans all over the world. 

The club ground share with AS Roma at the famous Stadio Olimpico, however, the relationship isn’t a friendly one. Roma may have the better record over Lazio in their meetings but Lazio certainly don’t lack history themselves. They are also the sixth most supported club in Italy.

Lazio have a stronghold in the upper tiers of Italian football thanks to being in the top division for most of their existence. 

Once you have opened a share dealing account with Hargreaves Lansdown you can buy shares in Lazio with ease. You just need to follow the simple instructions below. And don’t forget, you can of course cash in and sell up at any time when the markets are open!

Remember, these are not novelty shares, you are buying real shares in a real football club! You can now tell your mates that you’re a shareholder in Lazio! Congratulations!


  1. Download the free guide to investing information (not necessary but it’s free and worth a look at!)
  2. Open a free share dealing account (this takes 5 minutes, you must be a UK resident and over 18)
  3. Having deposited funds, click HERE or click on ‘Share Prices & Stock Markets‘ on the Hargreaves Lansdown website and use the search facility and type Lazio and select Soceita Sportiva Lazio EUR0.60 when it pops up as a suggestion
  4. Click on the green ‘DEAL NOW’ tab (remember you can only buy shares during weekdays when the markets are open)
  5. Call 0117 980 9800 during market hours to complete your purchase. Lazio shares cannot be purchased online.
  6. You are now a shareholder!
  7. Keep an eye on your shares and hope your club is successful!