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Football Club Shares is a website dedicated to share-dealing and football-related investments. We do not provide financial advice and we are not a broker.

Buying and selling shares in football clubs is a hobby of mine. I only buy and sell shares in football clubs for entertainment and not to make money. You should speak to a financial adviser before investing in anything if you are wanting to buy football club shares to hopefully return a profit. I haven’t sought such advice because what I spend is what I’d be willing to lose at the bookies. I only invest what I can afford and I do so with the mentality that I may not see that money again. However, to date, I’m doing rather well.

It is my intention to build up a website that provides frequent and up to date information regarding various football clubs that you can invest in.

I’m not a big investor. When I purchase shares in football clubs I tend to buy £20-50 here and there, maybe more.

Because I absolutely love football I buy shares in football clubs to have an interest. I enjoy watching the clubs that I have invested in. For example, you may want to buy shares in Juventus so that you have an interest in Serie A. That’s what I do. I just see it as another form of entertainment and at the end of the day, you are an official shareholder! These aren’t novelty shares or meaningless investments.

I’ve run the Liverpool FC website KopTalk for 25 years now. Rather than throw money at the bookies on the weekend which more often than not I’d lose, I now invest a few bob here and there in various football clubs.

Although you are free to use the services of any stockbroker, I highly recommend Hargreaves Lansdown plc, a financial service company based in Bristol that sells funds and shares and related products via its website and through the post to investors in the United Kingdom. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. Their website is easy to use and their fees when buying or selling shares is very reasonable.

When you purchase shares in football clubs via Hargreaves Lansdown, you can do so knowing your transactions are safe and secure. Football Club Shares is not involved in any of the buying or selling process and your deals are private. We don’t know any of your details or transactions, ever. Once you’ve created a share dealing account with Hargreaves Lansdown, any questions relating to it should be addressed with them directly.

You don’t need to invest hundreds or thousands when buying football club shares. You could start with something as little as £20, bearing in mind you will pay a trading fee of £11.95 for each deal. Personally, if I was starting out, I’d start with an initial deposit of around £40+ to play with.


Free Share Dealing GuideBefore dabbling in any kind of share dealing, I would recommend this excellent free guide to investing by Hargreaves & Landsdown. This is not needed to purchase any shares but there’s no harm in downloading it. It’s completely free.

I have been a client of Hargreaves & Landsdown for many years now. I have singled them out because they were highly recommended to me when I began looking into buying shares a few years back. I can only speak from my own experience of using their services which I have found to be very easy and very well priced. You can, of course, buy shares via other brokers.

I hope you find this website of use. It’s only a side interest of mine. Make sure you follow Football Club Shares on Twitter and Facebook to be notified of new content and developments.

Duncan Oldham

Duncan Oldham
Football Club Shares