Football Index – Buy & sell players on the football stock market

The Football Index isn’t just another online sports gambling site. Instead, it’s a growing platform that takes footballers and turns them into commodities on a digital stock market, controlled by the users themselves. The nature of Football Index is such that it can be used for proper monetary gain or simply as a bit of fun alongside the weekend’s TV games. 

If fun is the way for you then it’s easy to buy just a few shares in a player for a few pence each, however, there is also the other option of purchasing up to 100 shares at a time if you are serious about putting your encyclopedic footballing knowledge to good use.

Inside this virtual world, there are two ways to make money with the most common being through buying and selling shares. As players start to perform and make a name for themselves in the real world, their share prices naturally become the highest, so it would be a wise idea to pick up the best young stars and hope that their value increases. The key is to buy low and sell high. The virtual stock market is made up of 200 of the planet’s best players and is updated in real time to reflect the current footballing environment. 

Another way that you can make profit is through the dividends system. There are three types of dividends available; media, matchday and in-play.

If one of your players happens to in the news on a certain day, they may well end up earning you dividends. In other words if they finish top of Football Index’s media rankings, they will earn you up to a maximum of 8 pence per share of the player.

It’s probably more likely though that you are to earn matchday dividends. These are awarded if your player performs well enough to reach the top of the match day rankings in their position.

Finally, in-play dividends are probably the most common to receive. Earning these dividends again depends on your players’ ability to perform in real life. Occurences like assists and goals allow you to be bestowed with money for outfield players, whereas, clean sheets are the targets for goalkeepers.

In general, Football Index is providing you with the opportunity to use your football brain to bring in money in a more engaging way than traditional gambling. Whether you’re a casual player or are in it to make some money, Football Index is an interesting new way to engage with your favourite sport. 

Although this may not appear to be like traditional betting, please remember to gamble responsibly.

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